storm® TRUST™:
Confidence through communications

The problem

Customer confidence in the financial sector is at an all-time low, staying under 50 on the National Consumer Confidence Index in the second half of 2011 for the first time since the initial crash. An adverse climate means lower revenue—and with European deleveraging set to reduce up to €3 trillion of assets, you need all the income you can get.

Moreover, your organisation needs to demonstrate compliance with a range of standards (e.g. PCI). An ever-changing regulatory environment, both domestically (the FSA splitting into the PRA and FCA), and internationally (Dodd-Frank, Basel III), means there are always new requirements to satisfy. How can you keep down the cost of regulatory compliance while enhancing your customer service to help restore consumer confidence?

The storm solution

storm TRUST is a suite of solutions that can enable your company to meet and exceed the new guidelines while still increasing margins. These services can be layered over your existing telephony and contact centre infrastructure, or you can choose to replace your existing systems altogether in favour of a complete cloud deployment.

Instant multi-channel communications combined with mass personalisation capabilities mean you can address your entire customer base with important, relevant information in just a few clicks. Customers stuck in a queue can leave their details for a callback by the next available agent or request a call via web click or SMS.

Furthermore secure identification, verification and PCI-compliant payment services keep your customer data protected, while call recording and detailed real-time and historical reporting help you show full compliance.

Business impact

  • More enquiries can be effectively answered across a variety of channels, meaning more happy customers.
    Because these services are provided from the cloud, they can be rolled out across multiple sites, even in different countries, with minimal capex.
  • Queues into your contact centres can be cut down using intelligent IVR for self-service automation.
  • In emergency situations, contact centres are equipped to handle massive call volumes, and secondary routing plans ensure business continuity.
  • Minimal capex and low monthly hosting fees allow you to maximise margins.
  • Achieve regulatory compliance and carry out quality control using multi-channel call recording features.

How it Works

To find out more about how storm TRUST works, please contact us.