storm® Mobile Voice Recording:
Effective network-based compliance

The problem

On 14th November 2011, the UK Financial Services Agency (FSA) implemented world-leading regulations, requiring all financial services firms to record traders’ mobile calls. This recording requirement has now been repeated in US Dodd-Frank legislation and other leading financial centres are expected to follow suit. With banks losing billions due to improper trading activities, the Libor rate fixing scandal and public anger around bankers’ remuneration there is renewed appetite to “tackle market abuse” [FSA – Taping: Removing the Mobile Phone Exemption]. However recording mobile calls is not as straightforward as recording fixed-line calls, which means that many organisations are not compliant with FSA, Dodd-Frank or similar regulations.

You can be sure that fixed-line calls transit your corporate network, enabling you to record them either on-premise or in the cloud. However mobile calls go directly into the public networks and may never touch your infrastructure. How can you maintain control over a channel of communication which is becoming increasingly important to the way your traders do business, but which sits outside your existing compliance framework?

The solution

storm records many thousands of calls every day for leading global organisations. By controlling the recording of mobile calls directly from your mobile network, storm represents a resource that meets all current and anticipated security standards, ensuring that your organisation becomes and remains compliant.

As a network-based platform, storm is directly connected with leading mobile network operators. You have the option of recording either in the network on the storm platform, or alternatively routing the mobile recording stream to on-premise equipment in your corporate network. With the latter there is also the option to fail over to the storm network platform should the on-premise equipment become unavailable for any reason. The storm mobile voice recording solution allows you to keep your existing billing and service agreements with your mobile network operator – no MVNO arrangements, special SIMs or dedicated handsets are required, enabling your traders to use the devices that they want. Furthermore, storm’s network-based design means there are no on-phone apps, making the solution tamper-proof at the point of monitoring.

storm‘s intuitive, real-time dashboard enables your compliance staff to listen to and control all your recordings from any location, via secure key.

The storm solution is also ready for more comprehensive enforcement regulations that may follow in the future: Enhancements taken from Content Guru’s high-security communications practice enable you to ratchet up your compliance by blocking all unauthorised mobile devices from operating on your trading floor.

Business impact

  • Comply with FSA and Dodd-Frank regulations with the ability to record all mobile calls
  • Network-based design ensures rapid implementation
  • App-free design keeps control of recordings out of the hands of the trader
  • Record any volume of mobile calls with the capacity of storm
  • Optional multi-channel capabilities enables recording of additional channels, including social media and IM

Key features & functionality

  • storm is highly resilient with 99.999% availability, ensuring that recordings are always securely stored
  • ISO27001 & ISO9001 accreditation
  • Intuitive web-based portal enables compliance staff to access, annotate and download recordings from any location
  • Option of in-network, on-premise or hybrid design
  • Option to step from compliance to enforcement through blocking of unauthorised mobiles
  • Optional SMS recording

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