Connecting your customers to IP voice

NG SIP from Content Guru connects your customers to the advanced features made possible by hosted telephony, but lets them keep their existing equipment, making the best use of previous investment.

A powerful, versatile and affordable replacement for ISDN, NG SIP links your customers to the advanced IP products and services offered by NGware, presenting you with high-margin, long-term sales potential.

For customers with an IP-enabled PBX, NG SIP connects directly to their equipment, providing a virtual link between their infrastructure and our highly scalable and resilient IP network.

And for those businesses seeking to leverage investment in their standard PBX and phones, a gateway provides a PRI interface into their existing equipment, carrying IP voice over the last mile of connectivity.

When you sell NG SIP, you start your customer on a journey that can ultimately lead to a full hosted IP voice commitment, with substantial revenue and profit opportunities along the way.

These begin with Content Guru’s added-value IP services including advanced voicemail, time-of-day-routing and IVR, which bring instant benefits to your customer and sustained margins for your business.

Key Benefits

  • Deliver IP voice with existing PBX
  • Connect customers to NGware products
  • Build a road-map to full IP voice
  • Develop high-margin service propositions
  • Sell to customers of any shape or size
  • Cost-effective customer proposition
  • Flexible – wires-only or managed options
  • Profit from customers’ increased use of IP

How it Works

To find out how NG SIP works, please download our complete solution summary.