storm® TACTIC™:
Intelligent callback and web chat

The problem

Time is vital to both you and your customers. They only want to be contacted at certain times and you don’t want to waste valuable agent hours by chasing them up at inopportune moments. And when callers are held in a queue to get through to your contact centres, the number of dropped calls rockets, negatively impacting on your customer relationships. But it’s no longer enough just to offer an SMS service to speed things up as you now face unstructured demand from customers across multiple channels, and failure in these communications can have a detrimental impact on your reputation, customer satisfaction levels and revenue.

How can you minimise queuing times and lower the call abandonment rate? How can you optimise your agents’ time distribution by enabling them to call customers at a time appropriate for both parties? And how can you manage this without imposing on your customers’ time?

The storm solution

storm TACTIC gives your customers the power to interact in their own time. Callers held in a queue leave details and book a time for a returned call via IVR, ensuring an agent is available to call back at the specified time. Reminders are automatically distributed via SMS, inviting consumers to text back when available to talk to an agent about payments, renewals, special offers and more. Customers can also request callback while on the web, sending a whisper prompt to the agent with details on their viewing behaviour, or easily enter a live web chat with agents.

TACTIC ensures an agent is connected and has all the relevant details to hand before calling the customer, enabling the call to be completed effectively and efficiently. Agents’ time is automatically managed, adjusting to service priority customers based on your pre-determined settings.

Business impact

  • Save time and resources by getting the most out of your agents’ time
  • Enhance customer satisfaction in the short and long term and maintain your brand’s reputation
  • Less intrusive communications increase the likelihood of successful campaigns and reminders
  • Agents are provided with all information relevant to the call via a whisper prompt or via a web interface for web chats
  • Multi-channel communications options increase the reach of your service
  • Low CapEx & OpEx—TACTIC is hosted on the storm platform and layers over your existing infrastructure

To find out more about how storm TACTIC works, please contact us.