storm® SURE™:
Automated identification and verification

The problem

We all understand why we have to go through security checks at the airport; but we don’t want to spend hours doing it. Likewise, the identification & verification (ID&V) of callers plays a crucial role in customer data protection and regulatory compliance, but your customers want their enquiries to be processed as quickly as possible.

There is a fine balance between tight security and fast service. But it only takes one incident to get your brand into the national press – for all the wrong reasons. Most organisations err on the side of caution by performing ID&V manually, but this results in slow service. And customers do not like repeating themselves.

The storm solution

SURE uses techniques such as speech and Calling Line Identity (CLI) recognition to rapidly retrieve a caller’s identity, location and transaction details. Within a few keyed or spoken inputs, the caller is connected to an agent with access to their full account history.

Because an agent is not involved in the ID&V process, the customer can have confidence that their identity has been confirmed securely. And once they get through to an agent, they are not required to waste time giving their details. The agent can process the enquiry faster, and if they transfer the call to a colleague, the details can be passed across to ensure joined-up customer service.

Business impact

  • Achieve better security and faster service with one solution; automated system allows you to provide 24/7 self-service hotlines.
  • Increase customer confidence in your brand through effective security measures.
  • Greater level of automation in the contact centre reduces the time taken to process enquiries, improving response times.
  • Provide a personalised customer journey by getting them more quickly to an informed and well-prepared agent.
  • Avoid making customers feel like you don’t care about them by forcing them to give information multiple times in the same call.

How it Works

To find out more about how storm SURE works, please contact us.