storm® SIP Trunking:
Connecting your business to IP voice

The problem

Your PBX is still fit-for-purpose, but it’s connected to a legacy phone system. ISDN is outdated technology and ties you in to costly line rental fees. Changes to your services can take days or weeks to action.

How can you take advantage of 21st century technology and the value-added services made possible by IP voice, without replacing your entire phone system? How can you do more with your existing on-premise equipment and data connection? How can you take advantage of the reduced costs and advanced features of cloud telephony without rendering your prior investments obsolete?

The storm solution

SIP Trunking provides an IP connection between your existing PBX infrastructure and the storm platform. Calls to and from your PBX travel across our network, using the highly scalable and resilient storm platform for all call handling and routing functions.

Add value to your legacy systems by using the storm Portal to perform intuitive, point-and-click number management and to deploy cloud-hosted services such as voicemail, call recording and automated IVR services. SIP Trunking with storm INBOUND provides a cost-effective pathway to greater flexibility, versatility, mobility and efficiency for your business operations. All without replacing your existing equipment.

Business impact

  • Access cloud-based VoIP telephony without replacing your existing equipment.
  • Cut out ISDN line rental costs; capitalise on your existing data connections and use them for voice traffic.
  • Gain total control over your number management and call routing functions in the cloud.
  • Minimal capital expenditure – simply pay for what you use.
  • Value-added services such as PCI-compliant call recording and IVR services.

How it Works

To find out more about how storm SIP Trunking works, please contact us.