storm® SHOUT™:
Mass multimedia alerting

The problem

Across all sectors there is the need for effective, immediate mass communication. In the public sector, travel and utilities, organisations have to disseminate critical information in a variety of situations, from floods to power outages. And likewise in the corporate world, requirements for rapid communications may range from instant promotions to urgent product withdrawals.

The risks of failing to communicate quickly and effectively are high, because you leave everything to luck. At best the consequences could be an inconvenience or a missed opportunity to win customers. But if you fail to get a dangerous product off the shelves rapidly, or to inform communities of imminent danger, you could be risking everything, from litigation to loss of human life.

Collating data lists in DATA MANAGEMENT to manage broadcasts

The storm solution

storm SHOUT gives you the tools you need to take control in these time-critical situations. With the ability to provision and distribute messages instantaneously, you no longer need to leave things to chance.

SHOUT delivers messages via SMS, voice email, instant messaging or any other form of communication. Depending where people are and what they are doing, one type of communication will be more likely to reach them than another. SHOUT is the only way to make sure you reach everyone.

Business impact

  • Public sector organisations can distribute information during civil emergencies, aiding in evacuation efforts and averting disaster.
  • Large supermarket chains can get any dangerous products off the shelves within minutes, ensuring that no more are sold.
  • Utilities and travel companies can send personalised updates about disruptions to service to thousands of customers.
  • The ability to replace manual processes for disseminating information results in internal efficiency gains.
  • Promotions can be timed to the minute, such as one-hour lunch-break deals.
  • The ease of management and breadth of channels available gives you speed-to-market and helps you cut through the noise.

How it Works

To find out more about how storm SHOUT works, please contact us.