storm® SHIELD

Protecting the contact centre

The Problem

What is the real cost of an unresolved customer enquiry? And what happens in an emergency, or when a campaign outstrips expectations and there is an unexpected surge in demand to your contact centre? Failure to properly respond to customers by giving them the information they seek leads to lost revenues and damage to your brand.

Customers will not tolerate being kept on hold for a long period of time when they’re used to communicating with each other instantly by SMS, email, social media and IM in everyday life. This piles extra pressure on your organisation to process enquiries faster, but your ability to do so is still limited by the number of agents you have and the capacity of your existing communications infrastructure.

The storm SHIELD management portal

The Solution

storm SHIELD uses intelligent, automation to resolve high volumes of multi-channel enquiries without the need for human assistance, handling simple requests and freeing up your resources for higher-value interactions. It simultaneously handles enquiries from a whole variety of devices the full spectrum of communications devices, allowing your customers to access the services they need in a manner that suits them, rather than being forced to adapt to the limitations of your existing infrastructure.

SHIELD takes full advantage of storm‘s massive capacity and the on-demand scalability which only the cloud can offer. SHIELD flexes with your business, giving you the right scale of solution, all of the time, and ensuring that customers are always provided with a consistent experience across all channels.

Business Impact

  • More enquiries can be answered, meaning more happy customers and protection for your revenues, your human resources and your brand
  • By covering many different channels, the customer is given back the freedom to choose how to get the information they want
  • Your infrastructure is also protected against sudden surges, with massive capacity only when you need it
  • No need to bring in extra staff or buy extra systems to address one-off requirements
  • Alter service flows in real time for maximum business agility
  • The scope and scalability of SHIELD makes it suitable for consumer-facing businesses of any size, in any market.

Key Features and Functionality

  • Largest platform in Europe gives customers access to unmatched capacity.
  • Easy-to-use drag & drop interface enables rapid provisioning and updating of IVR scripts.
  • In-depth real-time reporting enables customers to identify points of failure in their service flow and optimise their IVR.
  • Multi-channel capabilities enable further automation, such as SMS keyword recognition or speech recognition.
  • Calling Line Identity (CLI) recognition helps callers get to the right place faster, and passes their details to the agent’s screen.

How it Works

1. Multi-channel services are provisioned from any location using drag & drop interface.
2. Contacts come in to the storm platform.
3. Multi-channel interactions are processed by mass automation and routed on to live agents when appropriate.

4. Enquiries can be routed freely between contact centres at different locations around the world.

5. Real-time and historical reports can be customised for every element of contact handling.