storm® RECORDER™:
Quality control and compliance, converged

The problem

Alongside everything else, you now have to operate as a recording studio and archivist. Regulatory compliance and the need for quality control means that you need to be able to record and store millions of transactions. And just recording calls is not enough on its own. With the proliferation of different communications channels available to your employees, for full compliance and complete quality monitoring, you also need to capture their other activities such as emails, social networking, mobile calls and text messages.

This all amounts to several layers of technology and administration to eat into your margins – but it has to be done, and failure to monitor employees’ activities has cost some organisations billions.

Accessing recordings through the DTA® agent interface

The storm solution

storm RECORDER provides a platform for converged recording of every channel of communication your employees use on a daily basis. Covering fixed line and mobile voice, SMS and on-screen interactions, RECORDER ensures there are no loopholes in your compliance and quality control framework.

RECORDER makes it easy for you to manage the vast amount of data produced, whether you store it on your own system or in the cloud. And by layering RECORDER over your infrastructure, you can rapidly roll it out across your whole business.

Business impact

  • Coverage of every channel enables you to monitor quality in every aspect of your contact centre activities.
  • Recording across all channels ensures you have all the evidence you need for dispute resolution purposes.
  • RECORDER makes compliance easy, so you no longer have to weigh up the cost of implementation against the risk of penalties.
  • No need to replace existing systems means swift, low capex deployment, and simple management tools help make the implementation as seamless as possible.
  • Ability to access and manage recordings from different locations helps you achieve truly consistent quality of service.

How it Works

To find out more about how storm RECORDER works, please contact us.