storm® LOCK™:
Multi-channel Payment Services

The problem

Since the advent of 3D-Secure (3DS), phone payments have overtaken online payments as the number one channel for credit card fraud. That’s why the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requires that people should only be permitted to handle payment details on a ‘need-to-know’ basis, as this minimises the risks of data leakage.

Security fears deter many customers from paying by phone, restricting the size of your potential market. Moreover, a single breach of security could do serious damage to your brand, and even cause legal disputes. But the cost of deploying visible, robust security eats into the margins from phone payments.

Making agent-assisted payments through the DTA® agent interface

The storm solution

storm LOCK does for phone payments what 3DS has done for online payments. It helps you achieve PCI-compliance by ensuring that your agents will never ‘need to know’ a customer’s payment details. And it can be fully integrated with your existing billing systems.

You can choose whatever level of automation works best for your organisation and your customers. All the customer has to do is submit their details via touchtone inputs, and all sensitive details are submitted directly to the CDE. Customers can be assured that this is the safest form of payment, as their payment details are never heard by another person or stored by the storm platform.

Business impact

  • The risk factor of allowing agents to handle payment details is eliminated, ensuring full compliance with PCI DSS regulations.
  • You can reach a greater potential market as customers have confidence in your system.
  • The risk of a security breach is almost entirely removed, preventing the possibility of litigation and negative press coverage.
  • Faster processing and automation of receipts & reminders reduces the cost of handling payments, improving margins.
  • Track who has paid and who hasn’t, ensuring you collect payments promptly and thereby reducing your time to revenue.

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