storm® DROP™:
Seamless business continuity

The problem

The idea of disaster recovery can be misleading. It conjures images of premises devastated by catastrophic events, such as floods, fire or terrorism – all of which are extremely rare. But a loss of service of any kind can be disastrous in business terms. In particular, any break in the availability of your front-line sales and customer service can have far-reaching consequences.

During a service outage, you can lose revenues from new customers who cannot get through. You can alienate existing customers who call unsuccessfully for support. And you can suffer long-term damage to your brand and corporate reputation.

Communications continuity is not just an operational ICT issue; it’s a board-room issue.

The storm solution

storm DROP is a complete hosted disaster recovery (DR) and service continuity solution. It provides a fully resilient secondary routing facility. In the event of any failure of the principal service, calls are automatically redirected to a mirror service, with no significant impact on the customer experience.

Contact centre agents can also continue to work without serious disruption to their schedules. If on-site equipment fails, DROP allows the service to failover rapidly to the hosted off-site system. storm can deliver a backup system as good as the original – or better!

Business impact

  • No loss of service, protecting revenues and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Avoid damage to your brand, and benefit from comparison with your competitors if the same incident affects them.
  • Service commitments maintained, eliminating penalty charges from regulators or compensation costs.
  • One customer quoted, “This service provides us with far more than we were looking for, at a price that matched our budget. It is an excellent example of using the cloud to complement and enhance an existing service, adding new capabilities and prolonging the productive life of legacy equipment”.

How it Works

To find out more about how storm DROP works, please contact us.