storm® ACT™:
Appointment confirmation and reminders

The Problem

What happens if no-one is home when a service engineer calls for an agreed appointment? Or if a customer simply doesn’t turn up? What if your field representative is running late? Phoning everyone before every appointment can be costly, and email confirmations often don’t get collected in time.

Customers will become frustrated if they are not kept informed effectively. You may lose  customers and opportunities to do other business. And rescheduling the appointment means it takes twice as long to do the same job. But above all, missed appointments result in unproductive downtime for key assets and resources. That’s time and money wasted, which comes straight out of your bottom line.

The storm Solution

storm ACT lets you proactively remind key stakeholders of their appointments, to reduce the likelihood of a no-show. storm dispatches reminders by SMS, email or voice message at times of your choosing.

The employee in the field receives an automated SMS in the morning which sets out their schedule for the day, and they can call a dedicated line to listen to it. If they are stuck in traffic or otherwise delayed, they can update their schedule by SMS or voice call. Any changes are fed into your back office automatically, while the customer receives a message to let them know the situation.

Business Impact

  • Downtime is reduced and productivity increases, cutting down on wasted resource and increasing profit margins.
  • Customers are reassured by the attentive service, giving you a distinct competitive advantage.
  • The need to re-book the same appointment is substantially reduced, giving you more opportunities to service other customers.
  • Full visibility of scheduling processes enables you to improve your performance and deliver a superior quality of service.
  • Back office processes are more efficient as the higher level of automation reduces the time taken to manage appointments.

How it Works

To find out more about how storm ACT works, please contact us.