storm® VIEW™:
Real-time and historical reporting and data analysis

storm VIEW is a powerful management information reporting package that provides access to a range of sophisticated statistical analysis tools. The VIEW Dashboard is a flexible and fully customisable real-time reporting interface that can be integrated with any source of service data. VIEW can be used to display management information from multiple services side by side on a single screen, and can be adapted to meet the needs of any service.

The historical VIEW Report Builder interface allows you to create a set of customised data analysis reports that track service performance over time, while Dashboard’s real time statistics are updated to the second, enabling you to monitor and respond to events as they happen. Reports can be saved and distributed automatically.

Key Features

  • Intuitive, secure, drag-and-drop interface: flexible, fully customisable reports can be tailored to your needs and accessed from any location
  • Real-time and historical reporting capability: switch between a live view and historical report screen with a click
  • Real-time reports are accurate to the second; historical reports can be generated instantly for any time period
  • Share reports across your organisation or with specific users; lock reporting tabs or provide users with editable templates
  • Export data or graphical displays for reports and presentations
  • Automatically distribute reports by email or SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol)
  • Multi-channel integration: trigger warnings and notification alerts via SMS, MMS, automated voice services and email

Communications Integration

VIEW is integrated by default with all storm services such as RESPONSE and FLOW for intuitive interactive service creation, PBX and CONTACT for intelligent call distribution and contact centre management, and DIAL for outbound multi-channel services, allowing you to view real-time and historical data for any service. Its communications integration and real-time feedback capabilities enable you to gather all available customer and agent information, from skill levels and preferences to personality traits, facilitating the delivery of Mediated Interaction Matching (MIM), which transforms the quality of customer-agent communications.

VIEW can be integrated with any existing network infrastructure, database or CRM system, performing custom look-ups on your data network. Using an INTEGRATE API (Application Programming Interface), the system can work within your existing network infrastructure, allowing you to pull in data from any source and push alerts via any channel to keep your front line managers in the know via SMS, voice, email and the web.

How it Works

To find out more about how storm VIEW works, please contact us.