storm: The communications integration platform

storm®: The Communications Integration Platform

Multi-Channel Cloud Communications

storm is the world’s largest communications integration platform, delivering a breadth of multi-channel services from the cloud. Its enterprise-grade communications capabilities range from contact centre deployments which enable web, SMS, IM, email, voice, social media and other channels to interoperate, through to fully bespoked, framework solutions that optimise existing infrastructure, overlaying cutting-edge features such as website click-to-call, social media and CRM integration.

Communications Integration

By integrating and converging systems, channels and databases into a single, centrally managed environment, storm provides consistency across all communications. This enables organisations to provide their consumers with mass personalised services which can be updated in real-time to adapt to constantly changing circumstances, while maximising internal efficiency and productivity.

Power and Flexibility

storm’s underlying technology provides the high reliability and enormous scalability demanded by some of the world’s largest organisations, with clients including major financial services, online, retail, travel and utilities companies plus local and central government agencies. Its flexible licensing model also enables smaller organisations and SMEs to access the same capabilities, paying only for actual usage without having to invest in overly expensive infrastructure that is never used to capacity.

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