storm® INTEGRATE™:Teleopti

Workforce Management for the Customer Engagement Hub

The Problem

Teleopti Workforce Management (WFM) is a powerful cloud-based WFM service that transforms the way organisations manage dynamic workforces in demanding environments such as contact centres. Here it enables organisations to deliver an effective balance between staff and contact centre demands, through a variety of real-time and long-term scheduling tools and management interfaces.

However, contact centres are now evolving into customer engagement hubs as consumer demand increases for interactions at any time, from any place and across any channel. Teleopti WFM provides excellent resourcing and forecasting, but businesses also need a strong contact centre solution to deliver intelligent routing across all front-end enquiries. And with contact centre environments subject to unpredictable circumstances, such as spikes in demand across multiple channels, organisations must also be able to utilise to-the-second information to adapt effectively. How can you converge front and back-office resourcing with leading-edge customer engagement technology?

The Solution

storm® INTEGRATE:Teleopti® allows you to combine the full range of Teleopti’s popular WFM solutions with storm’s leading Communications Integration technology, driving efficiency through optimised workforce planning, resource distribution & performance management.

Through a custom Application Programming Interface (API), the storm platform exports real-time & historical data to the Teleopti cloud, enabling you to make the best informed decisions with the most accurate information. storm’s integration delivers a robust, consistent end-to-end customer experience, with optimised front-end communications and Teleopti enhancing agent involvement & resource distribution.

As a fully cloud-based deployment, INTEGRATE:Teleopti is hugely agile, integrating seamlessly with both on-premise and cloud contact estates. The solution provides instant access to complex multi-sourced information, enabling rapid responses to unexpected peaks in demand, or internal pressures such as staff sickness. Each particular issue receives the unique solution it requires, making your customer engagement centre as efficient and effective as it has the potential to be.

Business Impact

  • Leverage vital agent & contact centre information from storm in the Teleopti WFM platform, creating a seamless overlap between front & back-end for truly versatile Workforce Management capabilities.
  • Make the most efficient use of resource distribution, responding dynamically to fluctuating demand & shifting workforce habits to ensure productive, satisfied staff.
  • Drive efficiencies with sophisticated WFM features and iACD® (intelligent Automated Contact Distribution), accounting for skills, personality & languages, without changing standard Teleopti interfaces for managers.
  • Leverage employee mobility with the remotely accessible Desktop Task Assistant® (DTA) to maximise both customer and colleague engagement.
  • Double the power of the cloud: with cloud-level integration, only pay for the WFM and communications facilities you need; scale your whole estate up and down on demand with the intelligent storm platform.

Key features

  • A custom-built API enables full integration between the storm platform and the Teleopti cloud. storm automatically exports real-time & historical data to inform and enhance WFM features, leveraging valuable data to sustain a robust, productive workforce.
  • Combine sophisticated forecasting, scheduling & intraday management tools with the remotely-accessible storm DTA to enable home working & mobile interactions, guaranteeing seamless customer journeys.
  • Thanks to a fully cloud-based solution, integration with both on-premise & cloud contact estates makes for huge versatility of deployment; instant updates to either the storm or Teleopti cloud platforms enable dynamic & instantaneous responses to issues, system-wide.
  • INTEGRATE:Teleopti integrates seamlessly with other storm modules, such as CONTACT™, intelligently handling all interactions in a blended queue to ensure consistency across all channels; leverage equal visibility over all communications channels at once.

“WFM is an increasingly critical element of the customer engagement hub. A fully-integrated solution can deliver the optimal experience for consumers—and for colleagues, and through this integration we’re able to deliver best-in-class capabilities across both the human and technological elements of the contact centre and offer a compelling end-to-end solution.

With today’s customers accustomed to always-on interactions across any channel, organisations need the ability to not only respond to one-off unpredictable situations—such as staff sickness at the same time as spikes in demand—but also to implement strategies which ensure high levels of customer engagement in the future. Effectively managing staff resourcing is also critical in reducing overheads, enabling high-value members to be more effectively deployed.

The collaboration highlights the transformational benefits that cloud can introduce; we’re able to quickly deliver a fully cloud-based solution for any size of organisation, allowing them to choose the key features they need to improve their services and better align with customer and agent needs. We’re also able to continually roll out improvements, keeping our customers at the cutting-edge of contact centre and WFM capabilities.”

Mush Rahman, Project Management Team Leader at Content Guru

How it Works

How storm INTEGRATE works with Teleopti

  1. Customers contact the organisation via a channel of their choice, including web chat, SMS, email, voice and social media.
  2. All enquiries are processed in the storm platform by an intelligent self-service menu that can allow customers to resolve queries independently.
  3. Customers wishing to connect with a live agent are routed through on the channel of their choosing, to agents based at home, remotely or in the contact centre – who process all channels through the unified, web-based Desktop Task Assistant® (DTA) interface.
  4. storm automatically feeds real-time agent status updates to the Teleopti cloud through a custom Application Programming Interface, also exporting Communication Data Records and historical information every 15 minutes.
  5. Real-time & historical data populates relevant modules in the Teleopti cloud. The organisation uses Teleopti’s best-in-class WFM applications, with enhanced functionality and visibility over contact centre & agent activities, to implement changes that optimise workforce productivity, efficiency and flexible responsiveness.
  6. Administrators make instant updates to the storm platform to continually optimise service performance.

How it Works

How storm INTEGRATE works with the Internet of Things

1. An administrator provisions iACD groups and routing rules.
2. storm collects and interprets data from the patient’s wearable device.
3a. A slight deterioration in the patient’s condition triggers an automatic SMS message with self-help advice.
3b. A more severe deterioration in the patient’s condition sends a screen-pop to the Clinician’s Portal.
4. If the clinician is unavailable, iACD logic re-routes the alert to the best available clinician on a variety of communication channels.
5. The clinician can decide to escalate the problem to the nearest hospital, using “Click-to-Contact” functionality.
6. Real-time and historical reports can be customised across different communications channels.
1a. Black box transmits data to the storm private cloud by via an SMS service. Application servers process and interpret each message according to a custom script built using storm FLOW.
1b. Alternatively black box messages are sent directly to the storm public cloud to be interpreted.
2. Data captured is stored on secure servers and can be accessed via a local web enquiry.
3. SMS interpretations requiring immediate action, such as a breakdown or crash, trigger an automated response from the system. Non-confidential information e.g. a unique identifier and contact number, is sent to the public cloud.
4. storm connects the insurer to the driver’s mobile phone allowing them to sort out insurance issues with the other driver directly.