storm® INTEGRATE™:
Link to any external data infrastructure

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Information Siloes

Organisations use a huge range of applications and databases to manage customers, campaigns, workflows and many other critical business processes. But in the majority of cases, these systems were deployed to address a single process. They do not integrate with other systems, creating multiple technology siloes. This creates large amounts of manual labour in transferring across critical information such as consumer data, while also introducing the possibility of human error.

Communications Integration

storm INTEGRATE provides a powerful family of tools which enable data to be fed between third-party systems via storm – the Communications Integration Platform™. Leveraging SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) principles, storm is capable of linking to any third-party system, database or remote store of information. This helps to promote IT Synergy, providing your organisation with a single secure environment within which customer data and other important information can be shared across your estate. All data is interpreted in real-time and can be fed into intelligent workflow management and reporting applications, or other systems or databases, pulling together siloed technology to create an integrated IT ecosystem across your organisation.

Communications & Data Automation

This enables you to optimise how your existing communications infrastructure operates. For example, consumer data stored in CRM systems can be automatically fed into consumer-facing Interactive Voice Response (IVR) flows. This enables these citizens to self-service by providing them with the personalised data they want, without even having to involve additional resource that can be more effectively deployed elsewhere.

Benefits Checklist

  • Two-way transfer of information between your client’s existing systems and the storm platform
  • Support for over 100 database engines (including Oracle, SQL Server and MS Access)
  • Intelligent data transfers using database queries and responses, secure file transfers, SOAP requests and responses and web-based application integration
  • Capture relevant data on a global scale
  • Update remote CRM systems based on agent-assigned Call Completion Codes
  • Add workflow management capabilities to your client’s existing systems
  • Enjoy powerful real-time and historic reporting combined with data extracted from third-party systems
  • Provide Contact Centre agents with real-time data regarding a caller’s contact details, cumulative spend, account balance etc., or enable them to provide callers with actual stock levels and delivery timescales
  • Enhance your client’s legacy systems – not replace them

How it Works

To find out more about how storm INTEGRATE works, please contact us.