storm® FLOW™:
The automated multimedia service flow management interface

storm FLOW is a feature-rich service management tool, allowing you to create a huge array of complex, automated, multi-channel, multimedia services for mobile and fixed networks. FLOW can be used to enable full communications integration, allowing customers to access services by email, SMS, phone, web or other media.

FLOW services can be designed to retrieve information from sources such as analytics, IVR and Presence to achieve Mediated Interaction Matching (MIM): intelligent matching between customer and agent based on traits such as skills, availability and personality. FLOW enables customers to be routed straight through to the best suited agent for their enquiry, facilitating improved customer satisfaction and optimised efficiency of your contact centres.

Key Features

  • Intuitive, secure, drag-and-drop interface lets you create and manage complex services easily from any location
  • Adapt live services in real time, provision services with a single click
  • Intelligent, real-time service control with integrated reporting and feedback
  • Integrated by default with all storm services
  • Can be integrated with any CRM system or source of data
  • Flexible and intuitive revision control lets you maintain a service archive and roll services backwards or forwards as your service features change

Multimedia, multi-channel services

FLOW’s multimedia capabilities include SMS, MMS, email, dynamic web services, screen recording, video services (including HD video and video to mobile), voice and video conferencing and automated voice processing services including text-to-speech and Automatic Speech Recognition. Support for multimedia formats is continually being extended and refined. FLOW can be used to create a variety of integrated communications services, including:

    • Inbound and outbound voice, SMS, MMS, email, web and fax services
    • Secure automated payment services over the web or via wireless devices using LOCK
    • Unified communications services: integrated instant messaging, email, SMS, MMS and direct connection to end-user devices or monitoring equipment
    • Intelligent time of day and day of week service scheduling

How it Works

To find out more about how storm FLOW works, please contact us.