Multi-channel communications on a mass scale

storm COMMUNICATE is a service layer that allows storm to interact with a wide range of communications devices. It provides both inbound and outbound facilities to ensure that information can be sent and received, across multiple channels, using a variety of protocols.

To make sure that information is both meaningful and convenient to the recipient, COMMUNICATE also provides the means to convert, translate, reformat and re-encode as necessary in order to deliver the information in the most appropriate form.

COMMUNICATE combines with storm’s other core functions to convey the various streams of information that combine to provide end-user services:

  • FLOW™ – service flows are controlled by user responses or captured data, and can trigger outbound communications following defined events
  • INTEGRATE™ – uses the facilities of COMMUNICATE to link to remote data sources
  • VIEW™ – uses the power of COMMUNICATE to transmit real-time statistics and historical reports to users’ Dashboard displays

Unified Communications

COMMUNICATE provides Unified Communications by converting data streams and re-formatting information:

  • SMS – receive SMS text and forward as email. Email replies can be returned as an SMS text to the original sender
  • Text – convert text, from any source, to speech and ‘play’ to callers
  • Voicemail – capture voicemail and send as a WAV file attached to an email
  • Automatic Speech Recognition – intuitive multi-lingual capture of spoken words and phrases, converted to text and used as input to service flows

Benefits Checklist

  • Link to people, systems and devices
  • Multi-channel support for all popular communications protocols
  • Unified personal communications
  • Media conversion for all popular voice and video formats

How it Works

To find out more about how storm COMMUNICATE works, please contact us.