Automated scheduling and resource optimisation

The Problem

In today’s always-on working environments, you need to make the most out of your resources to ensure that you can provide your customers with the best possible service, when they need it. But manually co-ordinating a dynamic workforce is inefficient, and results in hours wasted managing schedules which could be better spent handling important enquiries.

The storm CONTACT:WFM scheduling interface

And when emergency situations occur, your customers expect to be rapidly connected to someone qualified to deal with the situation at hand, requiring you to reallocate critical resources at a moment’s notice. Making calls to off-site specialists or additional support becomes even less efficient, and can be especially costly in dire situations.

How can you increase the efficiency of your day-to-day operations, while ensuring that your workforce has the flexibility to handle unforeseen circumstances?

The Solution

storm® CONTACT:WFM enables you to optimise your resource management and scheduling.

By seamlessly integrating with existing workforce management systems, CONTACT:WFM automatically routes calls to available experts based on up-to-date schedules, eliminating time wasted in manually identifying the relevant on-call workers. If the system detects any gaps in scheduling, an email or SMS is automatically triggered, ensuring consistency across your workforce.

And in emergency scenarios, schedules can be rapidly updated through the storm Portal, with automated SMS, email or voice calls ensuring that the relevant workers are contacted immediately. Fully integrated reporting provides visibility over the success rate of calls, and enables you to analyse the responsiveness of your workforce, optimising efficiency and performance.

Business Impact

  • Automated scheduling ensures that your resources are optimised for any given situation.
  • Customisable messages can be instantly provisioned, saving your duty managers hours of calling round off-duty staff members.
  • Staff are freed up for higher value tasks, saving you valuable resources in critical situations.
  • By automatically keeping your staff informed of changes to shift patterns, you can save hours that would otherwise be spent on day-to-day resourcing.
  • Integration with storm RECORDERTM allows calls to be monitored and quality control optimised.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Management of your workforce schedule is carried out through a simple and straightforward web interface.
  • Missed calls trigger email or SMS notifications that advise managers that the schedule needs to be revised.
  • A daily alert mechanism checks to see whether or not there is a schedule in place for the following day. If not, email or SMS alerts are triggered.
  • Integration with storm VIEWTM enables real-time reporting of successful inbound and outbound calls as well as worker performance.
  • Upload existing schedules into the system through secure FTP.

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