Secure, scalable, reliable teleconferencing

The Problem

How do you bring together people situated in ten different countries within a few seconds? How do you save on the cost and time involved in regular travel? Teleconferencing provides solutions to these challenges, but basic conferencing does not provide enough of the answers.

You need to be able to ensure that colleagues and customers can be connected quickly and reliably. You need to ensure that information discussed is managed securely. Investing in costly infrastructure to meet all these needs is impractical when new technologies are constantly being released. Companies must upgrade their infrastructure on a regular basis, or fall behind the curve.

storm CONTACT:MATRIX within the DTA® agent interface

The Solution

storm CONTACT:MATRIX is a flexible, cloud-hosted, real-time system for teleconferencing and contact management. Leveraging storm’s massive scale, the system can conference tens of thousands of concurrent callers. Customers can self-serve via the phone or the web, or operators can manage multiple conferences by dragging and dropping icons on an intuitive desktop interface. Conferences can be arranged with a click, and participants automatically sent sign-in details by email or SMS. MATRIX is trusted in high profile, mission-critical environments by national governments, mobile / fixed line operators and international banks.

Business Impact

  • Improve productivity and reduce costs: save on travel time and expense, enhance your green credentials.
  • Never let down important callers: proven record of five nines (99.999%) resilience.
  • Total information security: ISO27001 certified system with integrated, secure conference recording.
  • Cloud-hosted platform means minimal capital expenditure.
  • New technologies constantly made available with no need to upgrade costly infrastructure.
  • Manageable hosting fees; simply bolt on additional capacity when required.

Key Features and Functionality

  • Self- or operator-managed conferences with voice and graphical interfaces.
  • Built-in email and SMS reminders; arranged conferences can be set to dial contacts automatically at an appointed time.
  • Massive scale and flexibility.
  • Third-party system integration; use MATRIX as a complete call handling solution.
  • Calls can be connected on a virtual switchboard displaying live presence status.
  • Integrates with RECORDER and VIEW for secure conference recording, real-time reporting and statistical analysis.

How it Works

1. On-the-fly conferences and incoming calls handled on an intuitive interface by a system operator, with drag-and-drop call completion.
2. Contacts can be managed and automatically notified of upcoming conference calls from the desktop interface.
3. Callers can manage their own conferences, or the system can call contacts at the right time and drop them into a conference.

4. Participants can review conference recordings over a secure web interface.
5. Integrated real-time and historical reporting.