Social media integrated into the contact centre

The Problem

The humble contact centre is rapidly evolving into the multi-channel customer engagement hub. Today’s consumers expect to interact with organisations at any time, from any place, and through any medium—and social networks have become an inescapable part of this mix. Your customers now demand the same levels of service on channels such as Twitter and Facebook as they would expect over voice or email.

However organisations are often ill-equipped to handle the unique challenges posed by social networks. Failure to respond to a dissatisfied customer immediately—and satisfactorily—can have severe consequences, with negative posts going viral and reaching thousands of people within minutes. A single angry customer can leave a lasting and devastating mark on your brand.

You can no longer afford to treat social media in isolation. But how can you manage social networks as additional customer contact channels? And how can you deliver the same service quality and real-time response times as you would across channels such as voice calls or web chats, taking control of your social media traffic?


The Solution

storm® CONTACT:SOCIAL™ dynamically routes social media interactions through to your customer engagement centre in real time.

Enquiries such as Tweets and Facebook posts are queued alongside other channels and delivered to the most appropriate available agent. Intelligent Automated Contact Distribution (iACD®) technology determines the most appropriate destination for every single social media enquiry by considering factors such as agent skill, knowledge, personality and availability.

Additionally, intelligent keyword recognition flags up more severe and negative posts, prioritising these to ensure they are handled before going viral and negatively impacting your brand.

You can also maximise the potential of your existing skilled agent base without having to deploy isolated social media teams. Furthermore storm’s outbound capabilities enable proactive engagement with consumers, enhancing experiences while transforming negative potential into positive customer outcomes.

Business Impact

  • Leverage the world’s largest social platforms to engage with your customers on their own terms, improving their experience.
  • Apply intelligent routing criteria across all social media interactions, delivering them to the best available agent in the same way as any other channel.
  • CONTACT:SOCIAL logs all customer interactions, enabling you to conduct multi-channel dialogues with customers across every endpoint.
  • Maximise the value of your highly-skilled agents by seamlessly delivering social media to their desktops, connecting customers to existing experts.
  • Capture all unstructured demand across multiple networks, and ensure that every customer is provided with a consistent level of service.
  • Scale to handle any concurrent social media demand.

Key Features and Functionality

  • Route social media channels through to the storm DTA® (Desktop Task Assistant), providing agents with access to all channels through a web browser.
  • All routing logic for social media interactions is customised in real time through the storm Admin Portal.
  • Integration with storm VIEW™ enables real-time and historical reporting over all social media traffic to your contact centre.
  • ‘Case management’ logs social media interactions against individuals alongside other multi-channel enquiries, for a consistent experience.
  • Integration with back-end databases such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) enables automated identification of social media customers.

How it Works

1. Administrators configure routing logic and factors such as agent skill sets, personality traits and knowledge bases through a secure web portal.
2. Consumers interact with an organisation across social media, and enquiries are then processed by storm, which analyses message content to determine priority and select an appropriate onward routing destination.
3. storm CONTACT:SOCIAL automatically collates all relevant data and messages, providing real-time dashboards and a wide range of historical data to enable detailed analysis of all social media interactions.
4. Integration with back-end systems automatically identifies customers, enabling iACD to effectively direct enquiries to agents, whilst maintaining a single, automatically-updated record of all consumer interactions.
5. Messages received from customers via social media channels are fed directly to agents via multi-channel queues, enabling rapid and consistent responses to customer enquiries.