Multi-channel outbound campaigns

The Problem

As consumers increasingly want to be able to interact with organisations on their own terms, they are becoming less receptive to linear outbound interactions, especially when confronted with interactions from automated voice calls and outsourced contact centres. These contact methods lack the personalisation and specialised knowledge that effective customer engagement demands, and can both damage brands and evoke customer dissatisfaction.

storm DATA MANAGEMENT, used to power multi-channel outbound campaigns

The Solution

CONTACT:OUTBOUND™ is Content Guru’s multi-channel outbound product, comprising automated and live agent dialling and fully integrated campaign support across SMS, IM, social media and email. Its state-of-the-art dialler capabilities encompass predictive, power and preview features, while its wealth of multi-channel mass personalised engagement options ensure that users can proactively communicate with consumers on their own channels with tailored, effective content. This leads to improved customer satisfaction and engagement.

Business Impact

  • Enhance the efficiency of your contact centre; agents spend more time speaking to customers across multiple channel and making the sale.
  • Reduce time wasted waiting for calls to connect or dealing with calls answered by voicemail or fax machines.
  • Minimal capital expenditure; use your existing infrastructure and CRM system.
  • Add extra capacity as required; the system can handle tens of thousands of calls.
  • Streamline your business processes; powerful reporting provides total service visibility.

Key Features and Functionality

  • Self- or operator-managed conferences with voice and graphical interfaces.
  • Built-in email and SMS reminders; arranged conferences can be set to dial contacts automatically at an appointed time.
  • Massive scale and flexibility.
  • Third-party system integration; use MATRIX as a complete call handling solution.
  • Calls can be connected on a virtual switchboard displaying live presence status.
  • Integrates with RECORDER and VIEW for secure conference recording, real-time reporting and statistical analysis.

How it Works

1. Campaign settings configured using an intuitive drag-and-drop service creation interface.
2. Integrates with your CRM system to import and manage your contact lists.
3. System intelligently tracks performance targets, maximising contact centre efficiency.

4. Customers experience professional service and minimal failed calls.

5. Performance can be monitored on a real-time Dashboard display, statistical reports automatically generated on campaign completion.