Optimise your contact management

The Problem

If you’re working from home, how do you ensure communications with your organisation will still reach you? If you manage a distributed or mobile workforce, how do you quickly set them up to receive SMS, calls or other interactions? If the snow falls, if there is a power outage at the office, or if some other incident means that your employees can’t get to their desks, how do you ensure your contacts still get answered?

Changing the contact routing on any of your company’s services involves contacting your provider and asking them to do it for you. The process can take days or even weeks, wasting time and risking missed vital contacts.

The storm CONTACT:INBOUND management portal

The Solution

storm CONTACT:INBOUND is a comprehensive solution for cloud-based contact management, delivering genuine agility in the marketplace. You can leave behind the restrictions geographic numbers and disparate multi-channel systems imposed on your business and forget about the long delays while service providers adjust contact flows. And you’ll rest assured that if disaster strikes and your staff can’t reach their desks, your business keeps calm and carries on.

The storm CONTACT:INBOUND Service Portal lets you manage your contact routing with a few mouse clicks, while intuitive interfaces let you easily create opening hours schedules and advanced multi-channel services for your numbers.

Business Impact

  • Gain complete control over your inbound multi-channel communications.
  • Save time and resources – changes are instantly made live on the platform.
  • Never miss a call: one click Disaster Recovery instantly routes contacts to an alternative destination in emergency scenarios.
  • Connect multiple branches, remote workforces or home-based workers with the appearance of a workforce united in one building.
  • Value-added services allow you to create auto-attendant services, schedules, and use integrated voicemail and multi-channel contact recording.

Key Features and Functionality

  • Intuitive contact management using the point-and-click storm Service Portal interface.
  • Disaster Recovery plans: set up alternative contact routing for emergency scenarios and instigate DR with a click.
  • Contact flow menu creation including auto-attendants and time-scheduled routing capabilities using a drag-and-drop service creation tool.
  • Integrated cloud-based contact recording and voicemail services.
  • Real-time and historical reporting functions allow you to track performance and service usage.

How it Works

1. Port your geographic numbers, NGNs and other channels to the storm platform.
2. Manage all contact routing functions and Disaster Recovery plans on a fully secure point-and-click web interface.
3. Customers contact your access points and are routed to the right person using straight-through multi-channel contact routing or automated IVR services.
4. Multiple branches, a distributed workforce or home workers appear united in one building, and you need never miss an interaction.
5. View real-time and historical reports and access cloud-hosted contact recordings through the web portal.