Contact centre automation

The Problem

Contact centres need to find new ways to shake off the stigma of the ‘call centre’, where callers were held in queues listening to ‘Please hold – we do value your business’ messages. Many customers prefer to communicate in ways more suited to their lifestyle such as email or SMS, or simply do not have the time nor desire to queue for an answer to a relatively simple enquiry.

Agents get frustrated at having repeatedly to ask the same questions or having to go through lengthy customer verification procedures. When such a great proportion of the enquiries coming into most contact centres are predictable, it is highly inefficient to use human agents to process them. But people do not like talking to a machine.

The storm FLOW IVR development environment

The Solution

storm CONTACT:IVR adds value to your contact centre operations by providing callers with interactive cloud-based solutions capable of responding to many types of enquiry without requiring agent intervention.

With automated services using techniques such as speech recognition and keyword recognition for spoken and written enquiries, agents can be freed up to deal with the complex enquiries that really do require human interaction.

CONTACT:IVR improves your service and takes the difficulty out of implementing multi-channel communications in your contact centre.

Business Impact

  • Increase your response rates, but using the same number or fewer agents.
  • Improve your customer service scores by avoiding lengthy queues.
  • Build customer loyalty by supporting their preferred method of communications.
  • Adapt service flows in real time for maximum business agility.
  • Automation in the cloud means you don’t need as much capacity or capability on-site, resulting in lower support & maintenance costs.
  • Improve your agents’ experience, meaning less churn and lower staff costs.

Key Features and Functionality

  • Multi-channel blended capability, including intelligent self-service IVR, SMS, MMS, email, web chat and video-to-mobile.
  • Data capture by touchtone inputs and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR).
  • Automated customer identification and verification based on CLI, spoken postcode or assigned PIN or password.
  • Can be integrated with optional LOCK automated payment processing.
  • Unequalled capacity – can scale to tens of thousands of simultaneous enquiries.
  • Full reporting on all customer interaction gives insight into how to optimise system.

How it Works

1. Service is configured using a web-based portal.
2. Customer presents an enquiry using their preferred communications channel.
3. storm processes the enquiry and returns a response, where possible, via the customer’s preferred channel.

4. Calls that do require human interaction are queued to contact centre agents.
5. Real-time and historical reports show all customer interactions, methods used and outcomes.