Value-added, cloud-based fax

The Problem

In many organisations, fax is no longer seen as an essential business tool. The rise of the internet with the ability to share documents as email attachments or web uploads, combined with a global push towards more environmentally friendly practices, creates further pressure to move into paperless working.

However, for many other businesses, it is a necessity for rapidly and securely sending time-sensitive documents which require a manual signature. The convenience, speed and legitimacy of the traditional fax outweigh the sometimes lengthy process of manually scanning and attaching a document via the internet.

How can you unify the unique capabilities of the fax machine with the flexibility of IP, without amassing excessive costs for under-utilised services?

Fax-to-email within the DTA® agent desktop

The Solution

storm FAX is a cloud-based fax solution, cutting out traditional line rental fees and significantly reducing paper usage. Its intuitive, IP-based fax-to-email service enables documents to be sent directly into an agent’s inbox, treated in the same way as regular email, or can even be included as part of centralised, multi-channel blended queues with voice, SMS and web chat.

Like traditional fax, organisations have one or more dedicated fax numbers, and documents sent to this number are then routed subject to highly customisable queue matching rules—fax is delivered to the best agent group or individual user for the specific enquiry.

storm is backed by the highest industry standards for quality, data security and compliance, and enables fax services to be layered over existing and fully functional infrastructure.

Business Impact

  • Take advantage of storm’s IP-based cloud delivery model and eliminate line rental costs.
  • Rapidly deliver fax messages to the best individuals or user groups through flexible, configurable routing rules.
  • Integrate with existing solutions to add advanced fax capabilities as an additional layer of functionality.
  • Significantly reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint by receiving and managing faxes over the internet.
  • Increase business opportunities and breadth of service capabilities.
  • Complete visibility over fax interactions through real-time and historical reporting capabilities.

Key Features and Functionality

  • Centralised, multi-stage authenticated management portal for secure and instant service creation and modification.
  • storm is supported by ISO27001 and ISO9001 accreditation, ensuring the quality and security of services for sensitive documents.
  • Easy-to-use, graphical Service Creation Environment (SCE) enables fax services to be constructed using a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Mass capacity communications integration platform can handle any number of simultaneous fax interactions.
  • Fully integrated, value-added services from the wide storm portfolio can be bolted on as and when required.

How it Works

1. Routing plans, agent groups and numbers are configured and provisioned through the secure storm web portal.
2. Faxes are sent to the dedicated fax number or numbers on the storm platform.
3. Fax is converted to email and is then transmitted by storm subject to the pre-configured routing plans and matching rules to any agent, agent group or even email address. Agents receive fax through a multi-channel blended inbox.
4. Detailed historical and real-time reporting provides maximum visibility over fax traffic, and enables routing plans and agent groups to be continually optimised in response to performance levels.