Intelligent rules-based routing and automatic speech recognition

The Problem

Customer demand for high-quality service has never been greater. So when a customer rings you, you need to make sure they get the information they want as soon as possible, without any of the frustration that comes from waiting in queues or having to put up with hold music.

In many cases implementing a rudimentary speech recognition system can be worse than putting callers on hold, as without the right sophistication and accuracy, this serves only to frustrate the customer who is forced to put in more effort to try to get through. Such experiences can affect customer confidence in your services.

ASR services developed in the storm FLOW Service Creation Environment

The Solution

storm CONTACT:ASR uses advanced interactive voice response (IVR), call routing and automated speech recognition (ASR) features to provide customers with a single point of access for public services. Callers are greeted by an automated agent, and invited to say the name of the person or department they wish to speak to. ASR then directs the customer quickly and easily to the service or individual of their choosing.

CONTACT:ASR is easy to maintain, using grammar files in the cloud to enhance the accuracy of the service across different accents and intonations. It can integrate with your existing directory and telephony infrastructure, prolonging the useful life of legacy systems and enabling rapid, low-cost implementation. With massive capacity available in the cloud, CONTACT:ASR takes the strain off your existing resources and reduce the cost of service whilst improving the experience for customers.

Business Impact

  • Improved front-line call handling means more customers get through to the information they need.
  • Cut down on queues into your contact centre, improving the customer experience and perception of your service.
  • Save time and money by automating your customer call interactions and free up key people from manual switchboard operation.
  • Leave behind annoying hold music and dispose of the traditional robotic answering service, giving your automated customer interactions an invaluable human touch.
  • Rationalise access numbers, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Key Features & Functionality

  • IVR menus, routing rules (including time & date scheduling), voice prompts and grammar can be configured and updated on an ongoing basis.
  • Route callers to automated self-service or live centre agents.
  • Fully configurable keyword recognition enables different user inputs to be interpreted correctly.
  • Routing rules can be optimised continuously based on historical or real-time reporting on key metrics.
  • Option for the customer to request to be routed straight to a live agent.
  • No need to replace existing contact centre or PBX equipment, resulting in minimal capex.

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