storm® CONTACT™

storm CONTACT is a multi-channel customer engagement hub and CCaaS (Contact Centre as a Service) solution that delivers inbound and outbound interactions, including iACD® (intelligent Automated Contact Distribution), for any size of organisation, connecting people and devices to the best automated or live resources for their enquiries, however, wherever, whenever and in whatever quantity they choose to interact.

CONTACT’s iACD logic uses universal queue management to processes inbound and outbound enquiries in a single, blended queue. This combines storm’s Mediated Interaction Matching (MIM) technology, to-the-second presence-based contact routing and multi-channel analytics, matching the contact to an automated source of information or an appropriate live agent based on factors such as personality, waiting time and skills.

CONTACT Topology (Interactive Diagram)

storm CONTACT comprises a range of applications, integrations and interfaces which empower users with complete control over all services and consumers with choice over how, when and where they interact. Please click on the diagram below to learn more about each area.