brain® can interface with a range of Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms. It has a range of functions to optimize customer experience, from chatbots to data processing.

“AI is set to be a game-changer for businesses across all industries that are faced with the huge task of adapting to the increasingly complex communications needs of their customers. As such, we’re very excited to offer our customers the ability to enhance their storm capabilities with leading-edge decision-making automated AI platforms through brain. AI’s cognitive learning means it presents businesses with a scalable and very desirable opportunity to future-proof their communications estate and keep up with rapidly evolving consumer expectations.”

Sean Taylor, Global CEO of Content Guru

AI is rapidly moving from science fiction to becoming a part of all of our lives, with artificial intelligence chatbots capable of processing petabytes of data as a standard feature of most modern smartphones. Yet most companies are not able to offer a truly natural and instantaneous AI experience which is capable of providing the level of service required, as well as the required information.

brain connects the advanced capabilities offered by the market-leading Artificial Intelligence platforms with storm’s multi-award-winning Communications Integration™ platform. This enables organisations to seamlessly integrate AI into their communications estate without sacrificing the customer experience. This is achieved through ‘supervised’ AI sessions, where the AI can pass over an interaction to an agent if they are not able to satisfactorily respond to an inquiry. This service is currently used by major healthcare providers in the UK to triage large quantities of non-emergency enquiries, safe in the knowledge that either the AI ‘agent’ or the customer can request that the interaction be passed to a human agent immediately, with all the information provided in an intuitive format.