Case Study: Travis Perkins

How we help Travis Perkins to unify its complex communications estate in the cloud

The Problem

Travis Perkins plc (TP) is one of the UK and Ireland’s leading builders’ merchant and home improvement retailers, with 24,000 staff in 1,900 outlets. A FTSE 100 company, it runs 18 product brands across 19 businesses, generating revenue of £5.58 billion.

The company operates within an increasingly competitive marketplace in which high-quality customer service is a crucial differentiator. However, Travis Perkins operates a vast communications estate tasked with handling critical customer enquiries for its 19 businesses. Manned by several hundred agents, this estate comprised a variety of different on-premise contact centre systems with no centralised management. These systems lacked any ACD (Automated Call Distribution) and management information and could not be easily upgraded or expanded to meet increasing demand.

This led to inefficient call handling and impacted on customer service. The isolated contact centres were also vulnerable to being overwhelmed when hit by peaks in communication traffic, preventing customers from accessing the information they required.

Furthermore, several of these contact centre systems were going end-of-life, with replacements or upgrades prohibitively expensive. Faced with internal pressures to improve customer service, Travis Perkins needed a way to optimise its communications and resource distribution — within a stringent budget.

The Solution

With storm® technology already live in the cloud, Content Guru was able to rapidly configure and deploy Cloud Contact Centre solutions for three of TP’s geographically disparate sites, phasing out existing contact centre systems and centralising all communication services in the cloud through IP. This eliminated the need to rip-and-replace systems, saving TP large capital expenses and massively reducing operational expenditure.

Through a combination of IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and iACD® (intelligent Automated Contact Distribution), storm connects every enquiry to the most suitably skilled available agent, decreasing response and contact handling times and significantly increasing efficiency. storm‘s effectively unlimited capacity ensures that all TP sites can continue to deliver seamless customer service, even when contact volumes peak.

storm identifies inbound phone numbers and the geographic origin of calls, connecting contacts to local account owners which helps Travis Perkins to build trust and increase customer engagement.

storm also provides comprehensive real-time and historical reporting features, giving contact centre managers complete visibility over contact centre performance and agent activities. The graphical web-based service creation tools enable them to immediately act on this data to continually optimise services.

The enormous functional depth and multi-tenancy model of storm provides a roadmap for Travis Perkins to continually add new services and migrate more of its businesses to the cloud, as the company seeks to further unify its communications estate.

Travis Perkins Testimonial

“We required a flexible contact centre solution that could be deployed rapidly and could scale to meet our ambitious expansion plans, supporting the diverse needs of multiple businesses and a growing customer base under one unified estate. The intuitive web-based interfaces on storm® enable us to centralise the management of a complex and geographically disparate estate, and its highly intelligent communications applications help us to reduce response times and manage enquiries more efficiently. We look forward to working closely with Content Guru as we develop our storm solution in line with our 5-year strategy.”

Matt Greaves, Service and Operations IT Director, Travis Perkins


  • Travis Perkins’ many brands had distinct on-premise communications systems which were going end-of-life. Replacements to these systems were prohibitively expensive.
  • A lack of sophisticated contact handling technology, no automation and limited capacity impeded quality customer service, making it difficult for customers to access information.
  • The demanding expansion strategy of Travis Perkins required the deployment of significantly enhanced customer service infrastructure within a strict budget and time frame.
  • The systems provided limited reporting analytics and management capabilities, needed to assess and continually improve contact centre and agent performance, making it impossible to accurately and effectively deliver and improve communications strategy.


  • storm® migrated Travis Perkins’ communications to the cloud, unifying a geographically disparate estate while delivering future-proofed, cutting-edge communications capabilities.
  • storm uses IVR and iACD logic to connect customers to the best available live or automated resource in real time – even during peaks – increasing the quality of mass customer service.
  • storm‘s cloud model facilitated rapid migration and immediate return on investment, eliminating the need to rip-and-replace and creating further savings through OpEx billing.
  • storm VIEW™ automatically produces detailed real-time and historical reports, giving contact centre managers granular and holistic visibility over all contact centre and agent operations. The storm FLOW™ service builder enables managers to become agile in implementing service updates within seconds.

How it Works

1. Customers / employees contact the Birchwood Price Tools, PTS or Internal Service Desk contact centres via storm®
2. storm uses IVR, iACD logic and the geographic origin of interactions to route the contact onto the best available agent
3. Contact centre managers are able to monitor their internal performance using storm VIEW™, historical and real-time reports, and can independently update their service using storm FLOW
4. Travis Perkins Operations Managers are able to monitor and improve the performance of all three contact centres using storm VIEW and storm FLOW.

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