This week, Content Guru prepares to extend its burgeoning Public Sector presence into the housing sector with a double header of events. The biathlon kicks off tomorrow with ‘Effectively Handling Complaints in Housing’ Conference on Tuesday 30th of June, to be swiftly followed by ‘Enhancing Housing Services through Innovation and Technology 2015' two days later.

Organised by Capita Conferences and sponsored by Content Guru, the ‘Effectively Handling Complaints in Housing’ event aims to advise on best practice in customer complaints processing within the housing sector. Through a combination of talks and exhibition it will show housing organisations how to improve customer satisfaction, whilst saving time and money, through the implementation of robust complaints policies.

Meanwhile, Content Guru takes the headline sponsor spot at the ‘Enhancing Housing Services through Innovation and Technology 2015' at Victoria Park Plaza in London, which provides delegates with best practice examples of how the housing sector can embrace technological innovations. A wide range of housing issues will be addressed including: affordable housing, rented housing quality, help to buy, and housing support for vulnerable people.

CG delegations will exhibit at both events with Director and Co-Founder, Martin Taylor, also set to speak across two slots on the many benefits that cloud technology can bring to the housing complaints and wider housing sector.

“The housing sector is facing increasing pressure in 2015 from numerous fronts, as directives such as the Welfare Reform Act lead to the need for increasing financial efficiency and customer service levels,” comments Taylor, “Compounding issues, the budget for improving systems and processes does not exist in this climate. However, cloud services represent a silver lining for the sector, with the ability to substantially reduce operating costs and optimise revenues while significantly improving how they interact with their customers.”

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June 29, 2015
Category: News