inform storm is pleased to present its first Action Report, exploring the question of "How can I improve customer service whilst reducing costs?". The report details the findings of the inaugural Cloud Communications Council in which local government representatives discussed some of the key challenges facing councils today.

The first meeting of The Cloud Communications Council took place in 2013 and was attended by a selection of customer service and technology leaders representing 12 local authorities. During the session, delegates shared perspectives on the key challenges facing UK councils, compared best practices with colleagues from other local governments and discussed how cloud can help to address some of the difficulties. This Action Report outlines the Key Findings from the session and provides a set of recommendations that can be practically applied to solve immediate problems facing local authorities today.

To download the Action Report, please click here.

The inaugural Council meeting was also captured on camera, and an accompanying series of videos, including highlight footage from the meeting and exclusive interviews with some of its attendees, can be streamed from inform storm’s YouTube channel.

inform storm will convene the second meeting of The Cloud Communications Council on Friday 7th March 2014, to address the theme of “Practical and cost–effective integration between front and back office”. To register for attendance, please click here.

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January 29, 2014
Category: News