Content Guru and KPN Telecom formally launched their storm® Benelux platform on 1st November in Holland. This important event saw KPN's storm Cloud Contact Centre service move to full availability and unveil of a number of exciting new capabilities.

The Aviodrome, a national aviation museum situated near Lelystad in the Netherlands, provided the venue.

A series of seminars explored how to improve the customer service experience, drive efficiency gains, take advantage of new multi-channel technologies and create IT synergy by leveraging existing IT assets. These were brought to life with interactive live demonstrations showcasing many of storm’s capabilities.

Senior speakers from both KPN and Content Guru were present, including the Director of Sales and Marketing for Collaboration and Communications from KPN, who defined the Dutch telco’s vision in the cloud and contact centre sectors.

Guest speeches were delivered by Scottish Power, one of the flagship customers on the storm UK platform, and Guido Thys, a well-known Dutch industry commentator.

“This is an important milestone for us in our relationship with KPN,” said Sean Taylor, Director of Content Guru. “Redwood has been supplying hardware and software to KPN for over a decade, and now are delighted to be taking cloud services to market with them via Content Guru. The Aviodrome is the right place to be as Cloud Contact Centre is really taking off!”

November 2, 2012
Category: News