Content Guru helped TUI, the world’s largest holidays provider, avoid down-time during an office move. TUI’s Specialist Holiday Group (SHG), which manages its exotic and luxury brands, had to move one of its two main office locations to a new site during the pre-Christmas rush for ski bookings.

By porting its numbers onto the storm® platform, SHG routed its numbers to the new site at the click of a mouse, ensuring business continuity during this key business period and connecting their phones to a telephony platform with 99.999% guaranteed uptime.

As well as having greater resilience than an ISDN network connection, storm allows secondary routing to other locations and tertiary routing to mobile numbers, ensuring that TUI staff are available even if travel or weather disruption prevents them from reaching a particular office.

The storm portal also allows TUI to manage their own numbers, freeing them from reliance on their service provider. They can rapidly provision routing plans and time-scheduled call paths and SIP gives the European leisure group a more scalable infrastruc-ture. As SIP lines are allocated through extra bandwidth they can be provisioned on a line by line basis rather than in blocks of 30, like with ISDN, so TUI only pays for the capacity it uses.

“We were faced with the logistical problem of moving offices while making sure that customers and agents could still get through on the phone during the Christmas rush,” said Nigel Smith, IT Director, Specialist Holiday Group, TUI Travel. “We chose the storm platform because it gives us complete control over our telephony estate, enabling us to re-route our numbers at the click of a mouse. In addition, SIP Trunking has helped us achieve cost savings relative to our old ISDN infrastructure, as well as providing us with a platform for enhancing our communications with new IP capabilities going forward.”

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August 16, 2012
Category: News