Last night, Content Guru became part of a turning point in UK political history in the build-up to the general election.

The storm® platform was the engine behind the stunning ComRes instant poll results broadcast on ITV News at Ten, within minutes of each of the televised leadership debates. The huge call volumes and data collection required by the project were made possible by the massive capacity and lightning-fast intelligence of the platform.

No-one expected the dramatic change in the political climate that happened after the first broadcast, when Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg was shown to have won the debate, securing the support of 43% of the sample.

ComRes, one of the UK’s leading polling organisations, recruited a carefully balanced panel of 15,000 people to provide a truly representative sample of electoral opinion. While the credits rolled on the debates, storm telephoned members of the panel and gathered their answers to a short series of questions.

After the debate, a sample of 4,032 potential voters from the panel was successfully polled. Within minutes, a statistically weighted picture of public opinion was generated.

Andrew Hawkins, Chairman of ComRes said: “We are absolutely delighted at the success of this UK first. Through the immediacy of ITV News and the cutting edge work of all our partners, we were able to deliver the public’s verdict within minutes. It was a very exciting night and our success in pioneering this kind of feedback opens up huge possibilities for other uses of the technology.”

Deborah Turness, ITV News Editor, added: “We have really pushed the boundaries of polling to give ITV News at Ten’s viewers an instant assessment of the true impact of the Election Debates. We delivered the first scientific quantitative assessment of what the electorate really think, in record time. We believe that historic events such as the debates deserve unique analysis to show their impact.”

April 16, 2010
Category: News