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Company Background/Culture

Content Guru was founded in 2005, located in Bracknell, UK, at the heart of Europe’s ‘Tech Valley’ (the equivalent of Silicon Valley), with offices in the Netherlands, Germany and USA, and two new offices recently opened in Japan and Australia.

The company is a member of the Redwood Technologies Group alongside Redwood Technologies, which was founded in 1993 as an innovator in multi-channel communications systems. Content Guru’s core technology has been continually refined and developed since this time to ensure that the company’s services continue to push the boundaries of communications by building on a solid underlying architecture, with Redwood lending a dedicated R&D function.

Hundreds of the largest organizations in over 60 countries across the world are powered by storm®, in sectors ranging from utilities through finance and travel to central government, and include UK Power Networks, National Rail Enquiries and the NHS, the fifth largest employer globally.

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The Web Developer Role

Redwood Technologies differentiates from many of its competitors in that all hardware and software has been manufactured and developed in-house, built on unique open architecture. The majority of these services, whether on-premise or cloud, are both powered by and driven by web-based applications and interfaces. The mission-critical nature of these applications requires a versatile and experienced Web Developer with a high level of competency in developing reliable, complex web-based enterprise applications in order to uphold Redwood’s international reputation for quality.

As a Web Developer, the role holder will become part of a fast-paced, dynamic team responsible for developing, maintaining and innovating Redwood’s architecture, using a variety of programming languages, databases and interface skills to continue to push the boundaries of communications technology. The role holder will become a critical component of the business unit for delivering a huge range of secure, flexible applications which are used by some of the world’s largest organisations in vital communication services.

The scope of what can be accomplished with this technology is highly expansive, covering pure web capabilities through to integrated multi-channel applications which process channel such as SMS, web chat, voice as well as complex integrations with a huge range of third-party systems.

The Web Developer will collaborate with his team members to develop and design exciting product concepts for a huge range of product applications and implement these technically for maximum efficiency. The successful applicant must rapidly acquire knowledge of Redwood’s software, and swiftly come up-to-speed with a variety of bespoke interfaces designed for the rapid and effective delivery of powerful solutions.

The successful applicant will be expected to act as a role model to his or her colleagues and help inspire the high standards of development and innovation that permeate the company culture. The candidate will also promote best practices across development and general conduct, and help to exemplify and propagate the company values.

The candidate must be able to maintain a strong awareness of industry developments to provide a framework for driving innovation within the business. This role will be essential in supporting the continual growth of the company in domestic and international markets as well as ensuring that the company’s international reputation for high-quality service delivery is maintained.

Experience and Skills

  • Have at least BBB at A level or equivalent
  • A minimum of 2 years of web development experience
  • Experience in programming in PHP and JavaScript
  • Experience in SQL such as Microsoft SQL Server and PostGRES
  • Experience in source control, in particular Git
  • Experience in continuous integration or deployment
  • Must have the relevant documentation to work in the UK on a permanent basis
  • Be hard working, ambitious and eager to acquire new skills
  • Good time management skills
  • Good oral and written skills
  • General customer facing skills
  • Uphold the company’s values and ethos, and adhere to relevant quality, security and environmental frameworks to enforce the company’s accreditations (e.g. ISO9001, ISO27001 and ISO14001)
  • Be well organised with excellent attention to detail.



  • Experience in designing and building scalable, responsive systems
  • Experience in NoSQL such as ElasticSearch
  • Knowledge of technologies such as WebRTC, AJAX and Web Sockets
  • Knowledge and experience working to OWASP ASVS or equivalent application security standards
  • Proven experience of delivering applications with a high degree of usability
  • Experience of working in an Agile environment, preferably SCRUM
  • Framework experience such as Symfony 3, Vue.js
  • Experience in web service development ideally using .NET
  • Experience in using Jenkins and Puppet
  • Experience in using test tools such as Selenium Web Driver, SoapUI, Burp Suite
  • Ability to converse with users at all levels of IT literacy and rank
  • Have a full UK driving licence
  • Be comfortable working in a fast-growing company full of enthusiastic, highly intelligent colleagues.

Contact Details

James Wilson, Department Head – Applications Engineering, jaw@redwoodtech.com, +[44] (0) 1344 852 350
Laura Jones, Senior HR Executive, lkj@redwoodtech.com, +[44] (0) 1344 852 350

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