Content Guru delivers multi-award-winning cloud contact center and customer engagement solutions to hundreds of the world’s largest enterprises

Content Guru’s international offices

Content Guru’s parent company, Redwood Technologies Group

Content Guru was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Bracknell, UK, at the heart of Europe’s ‘Tech Valley’ (the equivalent of Silicon Valley), with offices in Germany, the Netherlands, and across North America, with a further presence in Malaysia, India and Ireland.

The company is a member of the Redwood Technologies Group alongside Redwood Technologies, which was founded in 1993 as an innovator in multi-channel communications systems. Content Guru’s core technology has been continually refined and developed since this time to ensure that the company’s services continue to push the boundaries of communications by building on a solid underlying architecture, with Redwood lending a dedicated R&D function.

Hundreds of the largest organizations in over 60 countries across the world are powered by the storm®, in sectors ranging from utilities through finance and travel to central government, and include NHS, Serco, Sodexo, G4S and EDF Energy.

Additionally, the flexibility of Content Guru’s storm cloud communications platform enables customers to take advantage of overlay and bespoke solutions tailored to specific needs, and also to large framework solutions that transform and optimize entire communications estates.

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Meet the team

Content Guru’s team combines graduates from the best universities worldwide with seasoned industry professionals, creating a dynamic, creative culture with an emphasis on delivering the best results for our clients.

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Content Guru partners with a range of organizations to deliver cutting-edge cloud solutions, from some of the world’s largest telecommunications providers such as KPN, Panasonic, Telstra and Vodafone, through to major WFO providers such as Teleopti and Verint, through to outsourcers and resellers such as Northgate, Serco and Vapour Media.

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a core part of Content Guru’s activities. CG supports local, national and international causes, in areas from charities and volunteering to military and education.

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If you want a career on the front line of technological development and innovation, then we want to hear from you. We regularly recruit business development managers, support engineers, operation engineers, administrative roles and marketing specialists.

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