Compliance Recording for Microsoft Teams

Compliance recording for Microsoft Teams

Unified Communications (UC) tools are changing the way we work. Wherever your workforce is located, you must remain compliant. Industry regulations like MiFID II and Dodd-Frank require organizations to capture all regulated communications – including those over Microsoft Teams. To eliminate any gaps in your quality and compliance framework, and avoid heavy penalties, compliance recording for Microsoft Teams is essential.

You can’t afford to miss a single conversation. For complete compliance, you must record all types of interaction that take place over Teams – from chats to screen sharing.

The right solution should let you capture all this data in one place, for easy retrieval. To get the most value from your recordings, you should also look for a solution that offers built in analytics. Most traditional recording solutions simply don’t offer the functionality you need.

Ensure compliant conversations

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Integrates seamlessly with your Teams environment

Converged 360-degree recording of all interactions

Built-in analytics capabilities

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Certified for Microsoft Teams

storm® RECORDER for Microsoft Teams

Maintain compliance while collaborating with our certified recording solution for Microsoft Teams

storm® RECORDER™ layers seamlessly over your existing systems to enable accurate, reliable recording of all interactions over Microsoft Teams. Covering meetings, screen shares, video calls, audio calls, and chats, RECORDER allows organizations in highly-regulated and safety critical industries to ensure complete compliance with industry regulations such as Dodd Frank and MIFID II.

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