Experience from home

Delivering first-rate customer experience (CX) relies on having an engaged workforce. However, with an unengaged workforce, one that feels unvalued and ill-equipped to carry out its role, the quality of CX will fall short of your organization’s expectations, harshly affecting your bottom line. To ensure great CX, contact centers need to focus on providing great agent experience (AX) – a line of thought known as Workforce Engagement Management (WEM).

Unlike traditional Workforce Optimization (WFO) and Workforce Management (WFM) tools, which focus on contact center efficiency and performance quality (a customer-first approach), WEM focuses on establishing value between a workforce and its organization (an employee-first approach). But with a distributed workforce, it can be difficult to provide this. How can you engage your employees regardless of location, preventing poor CX, absenteeism and churn?

How to enhance experience


Delivering great customer experiences should be made as easy as possible for agents. However navigating across disparate systems to manually track information not only wastes agent time, but also causes unnecessary frustration. Provide your agents with a seamless workflow that can be accessed remotely, wherein all applications and systems are fully integrated. This way, knowledge and resources are pooled together automatically, and are accessible through a single point.


Supervision is essential to providing a safe and supportive environment for agents to carry out their responsibilities. The absence of support leads to deteriorated agent experience, and eventual churn. Give supervisors the ability to monitor agents from any location and at any time, to determine whether additional support or training is needed.


Resolving customer queries at first contact is vital to driving customer satisfaction and loyalty, but is dependent on skilled and knowledgeable agents. By ensuring that your workforce has access to the necessary tools and training for self-improvement and upskilling at home, the quality and speed of service that your customers expect is assured.


Organizations that provide employees with greater control and flexibility over their working environment will reap the benefits of healthier work-life balances. According to the UK 2020 HomeAgent Survey, 75% of organizations believed attrition was lower amongst employees working from home, compared to office-based workers.[1] Likewise, over half of those surveyed agreed that productivity and absenteeism levels were better for remote workers.

How we can help

Deliver excellent agent and customer experiences with Content Guru’s one-stop, cloud contact center solution, storm®.

Contact centers can operate whenever and wherever through the cloud, via a single user interface and single omni-channel queue, facilitating a happier and more engaged workforce. Through intelligent Automated Contact Distribution (iACD®), storm CONTACT™ is able to match inquiries to the best available agent, taking personality and skill into consideration for both a positive agent and customer experience.

A frustration-free experience is guaranteed with storm, as the feature-rich solution is not only able to integrate across other storm applications, but also across an organization’s existing systems and third-party databases with storm INTEGRATE™. This saves your agents valuable time, allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional service.

While some organizations feel a constant pressure to deliver personalized services to customers, with storm CKS®, tracking customer journeys and delivering a seamless service is effortless. Agents are automatically provided with information about a customer before servicing their present query, ensuring that agents are prepared for each interaction.

Monitor your workforce with our powerful management information reporting package storm VIEW™. Real-time statistics are visible through the VIEW Dashboard, enabling you to observe and respond to events as they happen.

[1] UKCCF, The UK 2020 HomeAgent Survey