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Automatic Speech-to-Text Transcription

Audio is notoriously opaque

When you receive thousands of calls a day, reviewing even a handful wastes time you don’t have.

You need a solution that transcribes calls instantly, for speedy review. A solution that transcribes in multiple languages. A solution that uses AI-backed analytics to draw out the data that matters most to your business.

storm® TRANSCRIPTION™ makes quality control easy.

How storm TRANSCRIPTION helps businesses

AI-powered transcription and analytics ensure that 100% of interactions are reviewed for compliance purposes.

The ability to transcribe and process huge volumes of interactions allows organizations like AXA to achieve hyper-scale compliance.

Benefits of storm® TRANSCRIPTION™

Automatic transcription

Manually reviewing calls wastes time. By converting audio to text, you can speed up the review process. Transcription is automatic and happens immediately after a call, letting you react quickly. storm® TRANSCRIPTION™ lets you review 100% of calls for compliance, rather than just a handful.

AI-backed analytics

Let data drive your CX. Link with storm ANALYTICS™ to identify trends, patterns, and concerns for human review. Link with storm QM™ to bring this data into customizable reports. Contact center compliance has never been so easy.

Multi-language support

Global companies require global solutions. storm® TRANSCRIPTION™ can transcribe multiple languages, letting you ensure compliance, wherever your business operates.

Custom smart folders

To meet sector regulations, you need to store millions of transcriptions. Take the burden of your systems and explore the effectively limitless capacity of the cloud. Store transcriptions in folders grouped by tone, content, or sentiment, for ease of access.

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