Products: storm® OUTBOUND

Powerful Outbound CX Campaign Builder

Take your outbound campaigns to the next level.

Your agents’ time is precious.

Dialing, waiting for connections, and dealing with answering machines costs time you can’t afford to waste.

You need a solution that predicts when your agents will become free, lining up calls just in time. A solution that schedules calls intelligently, to meet customer preferences. A solution with detailed reporting capabilities, to let you stay up-to-date on agent performance.

Make campaigns easy with storm® OUTBOUND™.

Do more with your numbers

Adapt your services in real-time

Designing campaigns shouldn’t take all day. With storm OUTBOUND’s intuitive, drag-and-drop interface lets you manage your service quickly and easily. Roll out service updates with a click, no need for downtime.

Predictive dialing

Make the most of your agents’ time. Line up calls before your agents become available, to cut down on wasted time. Use storm OUTBOUND’s predictive, preview, and power dialing capabilities to boost efficiency across all your outbound campaigns.

Intelligent scheduling

Contact your customers in the ways that work for them. Whether your customers want to be contacted as soon as possible, or at hours convenient for them, intelligent scheduling can tailor your campaigns to their needs. Combined with advanced call pacing, storm OUTBOUND matches customer needs to performance targets, to make your campaigns easy.

In-depth reporting

Analyze the trends that matter to you, or drill down into individual agent performance. storm OUTBOUND integrates with storm VIEW™ to provide detailed reporting. Use the dashboard to monitor your system in real-time, or schedule automated reports to streamline your CX.

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