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Intelligent Omnichannel Routing

Getting in touch shouldn't be a challenge

storm® INBOUND™ gives you full control over your number management. Update call routing with a click, without having to wait on your telephone provider. Set up one-click disaster recovery, so you never miss a call. Link agents to any of your inbound numbers, whether they work from the office, or from home.

Do more with your numbers, with storm INBOUND.

How cloud-based number management helps businesses

  • storm INBOUND helps Sodexo centralize its contact center estate at a national level, maintaining the appearance of a unified workforce, whilst giving agents flexibility.

  • storm INBOUND allows Sony to activate disaster recovery for their 10,000 seat contact center at a click, ensuring that they never miss a call.

  • HAP Zeeland must comply with critical healthcare regulations. By integrating with storm VIEW™, powerful contact center reporting tools allow them to create in-depth reports, to ensure that strict regulations are met.

Do more with your numbers

Reliable disaster recovery

You can’t afford to miss a call, even when disaster strikes. With storm INBOUND, you can switch to disaster recovery mode with a click. Customers will be instantly routed to an alternative destination, giving you time to get back on your feet.

Intuitive number management

When you need to change your call routing, you can’t afford to wait days. storm INBOUND brings your numbers together, into a single, intuitive interface. Unify your geographic and non-geographic numbers. Give the appearance of a united workforce, no matter how distributed your agents are.

Real-time reporting

Analyze the trends that matter to you, or drill down into individual agent performance. storm INBOUND integrates with storm VIEW to provide detailed reporting. Use the dashboard to monitor your system in real-time, or schedule automated reports to streamline your CX.

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