Mission & values

Our beliefs

Content Guru believes in the power of Customer Experience to raise your business above the competition.

Teamwork, quality, and agility. Time and again, our values have resulted in high-quality products, satisfied customers, and world-leading customer experience.

Learn what drives Content Guru’s success.

Our mission

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Outstanding customer experience

Great customer experience creates loyal customers. Loyal customers become advocates. The success of your brand and your business depends on making your customers feel heard and understood.

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Seamless engagement

storm® eliminates friction, allowing customers to move seamlessly across channels. storm lets you meet the needs of the customer. Whenever, wherever, and over whatever channel they prefer.

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Data-driven insights

Great CX brings together constant contact with data-driven insights. With real-time, AI-backed analytics, storm keeps you informed on the trends that matter to you.

Our values

Content Guru takes pride in the strength of its customer relationships.

We’re always looking to exceed customer expectations. Whatever the needs of the customer, we deliver quickly and flexibly to ensure that they’re met.

We collaborate with our customers. Constant customer dialogue sets the direction of your products. From monthly product briefings to a dedicated training team, our support ecosystem makes sure you’ll always be kept up to speed.

From finance to utilities, retail to higher education – Content Guru has seen it all. Our industry experts have worked with thousands of the world’s largest companies, and are ready to take on your CX challenges. We’re always friendly and approachable, so you can make the most of our expertise.

Our solutions are trusted by the world’s most important organizations. We offer 99.999% availability, an intuitive no-code interface, and thousands of custom and off-the-shelf integrations. Don’t replace your existing systems; enhance them.