Content Guru is part of the Redwood technologies group, founded in 1993 to make the most of the new ‘information super highway’. Redwood Technologies quickly expanded around the globe, providing secure, scalable solutions to the public and private sectors.

Content Guru was founded in 2005 to realize the possibilities of cloud technology. The first-to-market cloud-based CX solution, storm®, began by providing mission-critical services to governments and financial institutions. From the beginning, storm was built around open standards technology that allowed it to enhance, not replace, existing systems.

Content Guru began with a belief in the power of customer experience. A belief that it would be customer engagement that set businesses apart in the digital age. A belief that cloud technology would make this easy.

Over two decades, Content Guru has worked to consolidate its global presence and improve its flagship technology. In 2016, the company was recognized with a Queen’s Award for Innovation; a testament to the success of the storm platform. Content Guru regularly partners with major network providers, and in 2018, announced a partnership with Rakuten Communications to provide cloud-based CX solutions in Japan.

Since 2010, the storm suite of products has continued to expand. The brain® AI toolkit can be used to create intelligent Machine Agents™. storm CKS® integrates with any existing system of record to equip your users with essential customer data. storm WFO™ provides a range of workforce management tools, from automated scheduling to AI-backed quality management, to optimize your CX. With a comprehensive set of off-the-shelf and custom integrations, storm links seamlessly with any existing infrastructure.

All this is underpinned by the single-stack philosophy. storm is a complete CX solution, which improves every aspect of your contact center. Linking together all channels of contact and all sources of customer data, storm is both Omni-channel, and Omni-data.

Content Guru builds on twenty years of CX experience, to help you stand out from your competition. Are you ready to take the first step on your CX journey?