Cloud Contact Center

Customer experience is key to business growth

With nearly two-thirds of customers stating that their experience when dealing with organizations is a more important factor than price in their purchase decisions, improving customer service is a key factor for developing customer engagement and, therefore, business growth.

Customers expect organizations to be available and ready to help whenever they need it, wherever they might be, and over whatever device and channel is most convenient to them. In order to impress, the customer experience needs to be effortless. Meanwhile, in order to deliver great Customer Engagement and Experience, it is critical to also focus on great agent experience, for which a simple, powerful, and intuitive cloud contact center, tool which enables agents to focus on the customer, rather than processes, is key.

The benefits of the cloud

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storm® enables customers and agents to interact across any channel with the same level of functionality, reporting and routing. storm offers a single, blended queue across every channel of communication for the contact center, enabling true omni-channel service delivery and complete end-to-end customer journeys.

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Advanced routing

The intelligent routing capabilities of storm significantly reduce the length of the customer journey. By ensuring customers are always routed to the most appropriate department or agent rather than a central hub, wait times are reduced and customer frustration is lowered. Intelligent matching rules pair customers with agents based on query complexity, customer status, or even personality.

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Performance and quality monitoring is easier than ever with the intuitive, customizable reporting supervisor dashboard. With enhanced monitoring capabilities and end-to-end visibility of every interaction, businesses can effortlessly observe the quality of service within their contact center, with both real-time and historic reporting; storm gives businesses the power to steer their service in any direction.

Integration capabilities

storm is designed to open standards, and can integrate with any third-party system, application or database. There are currently hundreds of integrations live on storm, with a variety of platforms from mainstream CRM (e.g. Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics), UC (e.g. Skype for Business and legacy Lynx deployments) and WFM (e.g. Verint and Teleopti), through to bespoke integration work with proprietary databases and systems such as secure electricity network monitoring (which feeds through live information on power status into utility contact centers).

Intelligent automation

brain®, Content Guru’s Intelligent Automation toolkit, seamlessly integrates AI into organizations’ communications estates without sacrificing their customer experience. One way to achieve this is through ‘supervised’ conversations, where the interaction can be seamlessly passed over to an agent where necessary. This service is currently used by major healthcare providers in the UK to triage large quantities of non-emergency inquiries, safe in the knowledge that either the AI ‘agent’ or the customer can request that the interaction be passed to a human agent immediately, with all the information provided in summary of transcript form.

1 Gartner, 2021