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World-Leading Customer Data Platform

Customers expect a tailored experience, every time they get in contact

Your knowledge of the customer must guide every interaction.

storm® CKS® uses customer data to support seamless, tailored interactions. Deploy CKS as an overlay to present all data from all your systems of record (including CRM) in a single pane. Let CKS use data to route calls to the best available agent. Use CKS to map customer journeys and see a 360-degree picture of your customers.

How storm CKS helps businesses

A major public sector organization used storm CKS to contact a six-figure number of claimants, requiring 10,000 calls a week. CKS allowed each contact to be logged and tracked. When calls went unanswered, those customers could be noted and contacted later. CKS worked dynamically with an existing system of record, pushing and pulling data as needed.

Unify your systems of record

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Tailored Interactions

Customers expect to be remembered. If you don’t have their personal data and contact history on hand, frustrations will build. storm CKS presents data from your system of record, including CRM, on a single screen, next to the contact. This is the Data Aggregation Layer, and it brings data from disparate systems into a single plane of glass. Let your agents provide informed, tailored experiences, every time.

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Intelligent Routing

Let data drive your customer experience. storm CKS draws data from your system of record (including your contact center CRM) to power its intelligent routing. AI-powered Machine Agents can analyze call context before it reaches a human. Customers can then be smoothly routed to the best available agent. Rather than wait in a queue, customers receive fast, tailored resolutions.

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Journey Mapping

Look through the eyes of the customer. storm CKS’s Customer Journey tab offers a complete record of all past customer interactions. Agents can be given crucial information before an interaction even begins.

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Unify your Knowledge

Great customer experience requires a rich knowledge base. storm CKS brings all the articles your agents may need to a single location. It creates simple decision trees, equipping agents to answer any inquiry. Through AI-backed analysis, these resources can be constantly updated to meet user needs.

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