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Google Contact Center AI and Content Guru

Content Guru is a world leader in driving communications and CX success for organizations of all sizes worldwide, specializing in large-scale, omni-channel and mission-critical operations. storm®, Content Guru’s market-leading Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution, has integrated with Google Contact Center AI in order to utilize its powerful Natural Language Processing and conversational AI capabilities.

Driving great CX is crucial for the success of your business. A loyal client base, and a profitable organization, relies on balancing the expectations of your customers with the needs of your people. storm has a rich heritage of helping companies of every size stay compliant, keep data secure, and scale their CX services up – or down – as required.

About Google Contact Center AI

Google Cloud utilizes Google’s infrastructure to deliver cloud computing services for organizations of all sizes, from individuals to enterprise.

Google Contact Center AI leverages cutting-edge technology to deliver a wide range of functionality, including:

  • Wavenet, which allows for instant, natural-sounding text-to-speech.

  • Natural Language Processing, allowing users to automatically scan for meaning and intent.

  • A wide range of insights, including sentiment analysis.

About storm®

One of the world’s largest suppliers of communications solutions, Content Guru’s award-winning Customer Engagement and Experience solutions are used by hundreds of leading enterprise and government organizations across the globe.

Content Guru’s cloud-native CPaaS solution, storm®, offers modules including omni-channel communications and industry-leading AI, backed by virtually limitless scalability and unmatched integration capabilities. Content Guru ensures businesses are able to meet the communications needs of every customer and user, seamlessly. storm is deployed in mission-critical applications across Europe, the US and Asia-Pacific, in sectors ranging from finance and healthcare through to government and utilities. Customers relying on storm include Sodexo, Chubb, Serco and NHS England.

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