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Screen Recording for Customer Contact Compliance

Great EX, best-in-class CX

If your agents aren’t engaged, your CX will suffer.

With pixel-perfect screen recording, you can gain vital insights into the day-to-day work of your agents. With real-time monitoring, you can pinpoint areas of improvement. With tailored training, you can keep your agents engaged and reduce employee churn. By recording every channel of customer contact, you can ensure regulatory compliance for your contact center.

Monitor agents easily and effectively with storm® SCREEN RECORDING.

Contact center compliance with storm® SCREEN RECORDING™

AI-powered transcription and analytics ensure that 100% of interactions are reviewed for compliance purposes.

Reliable screen recording enables an Urgent Healthcare Provider in Europe to deliver high-quality, life-saving services to 3.3 million people.

The ability to record and process huge volumes of interactions allows organizations like AXA to achieve hyper-scale compliance.

Benefits of storm® SCREEN RECORDING™

Pixel-perfect visibility

To optimize your agent experience, you need a complete view of your agents’ day-to-day. With storm SCREEN RECORDING, you can monitor your agents in real-time, and save recordings to review later.

Identify best practice

To get the best out of your agents, you need training tailored to them. With storm SCREEN RECORDING, you can follow interactions in real-time to pinpoint areas for improvement. By recording key interactions, you can build training around examples of best practice. When your agents feel supported, your customers will too.

Compliance made easy

Manually reviewing hundreds of calls can be a huge burden. In combination with storm® TRANSCRIPTION™, you can produce accurate transcripts of calls. These transcripts can be analyzed by storm ANALYTICS™ and storm QM™, to identify trends, patterns, and concerns for human review. Ensure compliance across 100% of calls.

Data-driven insights

Let data shape your customer experience. Integrate with storm® VIEW™ to drag-and-drop data from recordings into flexible reports. See real-time statistics from the storm VIEW dashboard. Share reports online, or as image files to be added to presentations.

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