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Outstanding Agent Experience through Workforce Management (WFM)

Customer experience begins with agents

Agents need guidance to thrive.

storm® WFM™ is an omni-channel by-design workforce management system, allowing you to provide that guidance at the push of a button. Create accurate forecasts for the day ahead. Save time with automatic scheduling. Boost agent wellbeing with schedules that flex to meet their needs. Integrate instantly with the entire storm® stack. Free your agents to focus on the customer.

How contact center workforce management helps businesses

  • £202,125 – the average cost of agent turnover for the typical contact center per year.1

  • 80% - of businesses identify improving agent experience as important to their success.2

  • 93% - of employees would stay with a company longer if that employer valued their careers.3

  • 13% - increase in productivity for happy workers.4

Workforce Engagement Management has never been easier

Drag-and-drop scheduling

Set schedules that adapt to your needs. Use storm WFM’s secure, intuitive interface to plan schedules for every agent. Or use AI-powered scheduling to automatically factor in forecasts, agent needs, and more. Boost agent satisfaction with schedules that flex to their preferences. Take your contact center workforce management to the next level.

Omni-channel forecasting

In a digital, omni-channel world, meeting your SLAs can be a challenge. Let your workforce planning be driven by detailed knowledge. Use storm WFM to forecast interaction volumes across all channels and plan in advance to meet customer demand. storm WFM works closely with storm CONTACT™ to deliver true omni-channel forecasts. Simplify your systems with a single CX platform for your entire contact center ecosystem.

Designed for integration

storm WFM is omni-channel by design. It merges seamlessly with the rest of your storm solution, creating a true, single-stack customer experience. This flexibility extends beyond storm – with hundreds of off-the-shelf and custom integrations, storm WFM can link with any existing system of record.

Powerful insights

Get essential insights to make workforce planning easy. Use the intraday screen to compare actual demand to forecasted levels. Improve efficiency through real-time queue monitoring.

Democratize your display

Great CX shouldn’t be locked behind spreadsheets. With storm WFM, simple drag-and-drop scheduling makes workforce management effortless. The flexible, no-code interface lets anyone set a schedule, without the need for technical knowledge.

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