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AI-Backed Customer Journey Analytics

Customer experience analytics

When it comes to customer experience, compliance comes first.

Failure to stay compliant can mean regulator fines. Fines can mean permanent damage to your brand.

You need a solution that can review every interaction quickly and accurately with Natural Language Processing.  That can group recordings automatically by content and tone. That can ensure compliance across every call, rather than just a handful.

storm® ANALYTICS™ helps you stay compliant over every channel, with AI-backed omni-channel analytics.

Omni-channel analytics for your business

  • AI-powered transcription and analytics ensure that 100% of interactions are reviewed for compliance purposes.

  • The ability to record and process huge volumes of interactions allows organizations like AXA to achieve hyper-scale compliance.

storm ANALYTICS Benefits

Intelligent compliance

Never miss non-compliance. Smart statement detection looks for required statements, and lets you know when they’re missing. storm ANALYTICS measures script adherence, to ensure you’re always meeting your obligations, across every call.

AI organization

Sort your recordings with Smart Folders. Group calls automatically by keywords or sentiment. Identify trends and concerns quickly. Search by key phrase, to easily access relevant recordings. Automate repetitive tasks, freeing your agents to focus on the customer.

Quality management

Use Natural Language Processing to automatically analyze call transcripts, without the need for human intervention. Identify negative statements with sentiment analysis. Dig into agent performance, and target training the individual needs. storm ANALYTICS lets you deliver the highest quality CX, on every call.

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