Products: storm® LOCK® & storm® PADLOCK

PCI-Compliant Automated & Assisted Payments

Secure payments

Customers expect swift and secure payments.

Regulators expect you to achieve compliance.

Even a single security breach can have permanent consequences. To prevent fraud, your business needs compliant, convenient, and safe payment systems.

Achieve compliance with PCI-DSS Version 3.2.1 level 1 compliance. Eliminate risk with fully automated payments. Boost your brand by making customers feel secure. When necessary, move customers into a secure environment where an agent can assist with payment. Track who has paid, and who hasn’t with detailed reporting.

storm® LOCK® and storm PADLOCK™  have your customers in safe hands.

How secure payment solutions help businesses

Automated Payments

Compliance shouldn’t cost quality. Customers expect a payment system that is quick, as well as secure. storm® LOCK® lets customers pay through a fully automated, IVR system. With no need for an agent, payments can be taken 24/7 without the risk of a security breach.

Secure and agent-assisted

Guide your customers through payments, without the risk. storm® PADLOCK™ brings the customer into a secure environment when sensitive information is needed. The assisting agent hears only monotones, and sees only asterisks, keeping payment details ‘need-to-know’.


Avoid fines and achieve incentives with secure payments. storm® LOCK® and storm PADLOCK™ provide PCI-DSS Version 3.2.1 level 1 compliance, letting you meet the requirements of your industry.

Converged reporting

Track who has paid and who hasn’t, to ensure you collect payments on time. Omni-channel reporting allows you to seamlessly track both online and phone payments. Integrate with storm® VIEW™ to create custom reports on the trends that matter most to you.


storm® LOCK® works seamlessly with storm PADLOCK™ to provide agent assistance when necessary. Payments can be initiated by the agent within storm DTA®.  Use storm FLOW™ to add secure phone payments to your system with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Integrate with your existing system of record to automate payment reminders via email and SMS.

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